Childrens’ Parties


Chemistry Chaos offers lots of foamy, bubbly fun!

Outside of school term time, and at weekends (subject to availability), Dr D can help you to provide a fantastic birthday party or celebration for your child.

Groups of children can be kept safely entertained in either an indoor or outdoor environment of your choice for up to 2 hours.

All activities have been risk assessed, and are safe to be conducted within the home environment (Although you will be asked to inform Dr D of any known allergies or medical requirements of the children at the time of booking).

Be assured that any messy activities will be confined to a designated area, and Dr D will provide protective plastic table cloths when required!

Crazy Custard lets children get really 'hands on' with science!

Activities can be tailored to the age and preference of the birthday boy or girl.

Activities offered include:

  • Crazy Custard
  • Chemistry Chaos
  • Balancing Butterflies
  • Slime making
  • Magnet magic / Levitating Wizzards (Chemistry chaos can be delivered as a ‘Potions’ class for Harry Potter enthusiasts!)
  • Balloon Racing
  • Magic Mirrors
  • Games and Quizes (with science related prizes)

Science based party bags can also be offered at an additional cost.

Even if the party is for grown ups, why not consider having Dr D come along to entertain your younger guests?