Lincs show science PDP

Consultancy services, and teacher training sessions are available, including practical advice about improving pupils’ scientific enquiry skills, and examples of fun, pupil-led investigation activities.

Teaching outside your specialist area can be daunting, even to the most skilled and experienced of teachers, and Science is an area which can often raise unexpected (and sometimes totally unanswerable!) questions from enquiring young minds.

Having the confidence, as a teacher, to say “I don’t know” takes a lot of guts.

Having the confidence to say “I don’t know, but this is science, so let’s try to find out together” can provide pupils with the best science lesson ever!

Training sessions can be booked on an individual basis, for whole school training days, or can be arranged for groups of NQTs across federated schools. Training can also be of great benefit to Teaching Assistants.

As a consultant, a review of your school’s science provision can be undertaken, and a report produced, detailing your schools particular strengths and areas for improvement, and culminating in an achievable action plan to assist in future progress.

Please get in touch to discuss your school’s requirements.