Wave Hello!


Waves, aren’t they great?

We enjoy waves in the sea, we wave to say hello or goodbye, we can even join in with a Mexican wave if we fancy!

A ‘Wave Hello’ activity day will introduce pupils to the properties of waves through the use of sound and light.

  • Understand how rainbows work.
  • Use colour filters to make pictures disappear!
  • Make a ‘colour changer’ to take home as a reminder of the day.
  • See how strobe lighting affects our perception (unsuitable for epileptics).
  • Investigate how musical instruments change the sounds they make.
  • Make a recycled musical instrument.
  • Form a wavy orchestra.
  • Improve literacy by writing wavy poems.
By the end of the day, pupils will have produced a musical performance piece, using their newly made instruments, to demonstrate their understanding of sound waves.