My Mate Bert


Bert is a full size, fully articulated, anatomically correct skeleton with removable skull cap, removable teeth (incisor, canine and molar), and visible nerves and blood vessels down the spinal column.

Bert and Vicki are a dynamic duo who offer interactive activities which can help your pupils to understand:

• Life processes – movement (NC: Sc2 1a)

• Humans and other animals (NC: Sc2 a b, c, d, e, f, g + h)

  • Enthuse your pupils by letting them become a red blood cell and carry oxygen around the body! (requires school hall or outdoor space).
  • Play a game of ‘pin the bone on the body’ (preferably with a teacher as the model!).
  • Improve pupils’ team work with a race against the clock to position the major organs correctly.
  • Improve pupils’ literacy skills with jumbo anagrams.
  • Play Anatomy ‘Quiz Ball’ (requires school hall or outdoor space).
  • Let pupils make a miniature lung and diaphragm model to take home and show their family.